- Cornell Kinderknecht
    Cornell's music is refreshingly different, engaging, and simply mesmerizing...
- Heart of the Cedar CD Review
Big Sky from Dreamtime, Indian Summer Music Awards WINNER
Houston Concert and Workshop with Cornell Kinderknecht - February 13, 2016
Upcoming Native flute classes instructed by Cornell...
Finding the Voice Within, Native flute class with Cornell Kinderknecht I. Finding the Voice Within
Tue. evenings beginning Jan 23
No previous experience needed
Plano, TX - Click for details
Finding Your Song, Native flute class with Cornell Kinderknecht II. Finding Your Song
Tue. evenings beginning Oct 10
For those with basic experience
Plano, TX - Click for details
NAF Player's Workshop, Native flute class with Cornell Kinderknecht NAF Player's Workshop
Thurs evenings beginning Oct 19
For those with previous experience
Richardson, TX - Click for details
New CD Release: Dreamtime by Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall
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>> Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning recording artist and performer of flutes and other woodwind instruments from around the world, including Native American style flute, bansuri flute from India, ocarina, recorder and bamboo flutes. Read about the instruments.

His original compositions and playing have been described as soothing, soaring, haunting, and playful with influences of Native America, the Middle East, India, and the Far East. His musical style draws from his experience in the areas of classical, pop, folk, jazz and world music.

>> Cornell is located in Dallas, Texas and is available for concerts, programs, workshops, and private lessons.

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Native American style flute

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Night Path
bansuri flute

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Native American style flute

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My People
bamboo flute

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J.S. Bach, Arioso from Cantata 156
alto recorder

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Huron Carol
Native American style flute

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Cornell's Recordings:
Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall, Dreamtime CD
Cornell Kinderknecht, Nightfall CD
Cornell Kinderknecht, Returning Home CD
Returning Home
Sound Oasis Trio, Overture to the Ethers CD, Cornell Kinderknecht, Martin McCall, Cynthia Stuart
Overture to the Ethers
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