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SEASON OF PEACE - Cornell Kinderknecht
Peaceful Instrumental Holiday Music featuring Native Flute and Other Winds
Cornell Kinderknecht, Season of Peace CD Season of Peace: Sit back and enjoy a moment of peace as you settle in with these beautiful melodies of the Christmas season arranged and performed by multi-instrumentalist Cornell Kinderknecht. The soulful voice of the Native flute, the reediness of the soprano saxophone, and the hollow warmth of the bass recorder are like a cozy blanket on a cold winter night.
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$8.00 US plus s/h
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INTO STILLNESS - Cornell Kinderknecht
Piano and Keyboard Improvisations for Heart and Mind
Cornell Kinderknecht, Into Stillness CD Into Stillness: Flowing and melodic, the piano and keyboard improvisations of Into Stillness invite you to experience peace in the busyness of life. Whether for rest or meditation, or to be invigorated and energized, Cornell Kinderknecht's fluid musical style provides a backdrop for approaching each moment with ease.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
$15.00 US plus s/h
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DREAMTIME - Cornell Kinderknecht & Martin McCall
Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall, Dreamtime CD Dreamtime: The flowing melodies and subtle harmonies of Cornell's flutes, reeds and keyboards blend with the moving rhythms of Martin's drums and percussion to take you to a place where all things are possible – a place where you can play and let your imagination run free…
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
Indian Summer Music Awards WINNER - Big Sky / Dreamtime: Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall
Independent Music Awards Nominee - Dreamtime: Cornell Kinderknecht and Martin McCall
Big Sky Native flutes
One Summer Bansuri flute
Marble Falls Native flutes
Voyager Soprano saxophone
Gecko Bansuri & Native flutes
Solitude Native flute
Blue Violet Bansuri & Native flutes
Dragonfly Bansuri flute
Opening Native flute
Peace Symbol Native flute
Orion Native flutes & soprano saxophone
Equanimity rim-blown Anasazi-style flute
$15.00 US plus s/h
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NIGHTFALL - Cornell Kinderknecht, World Flutes
Cornell Kinderknecht, Nightfall - World Flutes CD Nightfall: Nightfall envelops you in its gentle, peaceful, quiet embrace. The voice of one of the most ancient musical instruments—the flute—fills your heart and soul. Native American flute, bansuri, ocarina, bamboo flute, and Irish whistle presented in beautiful arrangements.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
Painted Sky, Genesis Native American flute
Mother's Hands by Cornell Kinderknecht - Top 5 Winner Instrumental 15th Annual Great American Song Contest "Mother's Hands"
Top 5 Winner Instrumental
Nightfall Bansuri flute
Mother's Hands Bansuri flute
Water Native American flute
Southwest Prelude Native American flute
Santa Fe Sunset Native American flute
Mystic Heart Anasazi flute
At the Divide Transverse bamboo flute
Alaska Highway Alto double ocarina
Nocturne Native American flutes
Gratitude Low D Irish whistle
Heart Crossing Native American flutes
Day's End Native American flute
$15.00 US plus s/h
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RETURNING HOME - Cornell Kinderknecht, World Flutes
Cornell Kinderknecht, Returning Home Returning Home: Native American flute, bansuri, ocarina, bamboo flute, and recorder in beautiful, breathtaking settings either solo, or with keyboard and percussion. Cornell was a finalist for "Musician of the Year" at the Texas Music Awards for his work on this recording.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
My People Native American flute
Stages of Goodbye Native American flute
Expectation Bansuri flute
Generations Double alto ocarina
Timeless Soul Native American flute
April Soliloquy Bamboo flute
Roundabout Native American flute
Winter Blue Bass recorder
Recitative, Looking Forward Alto recorder
Estampie, Looking Back Alto recorder
Horizon Native American flutes, Bansuri flute
Returning Home Native American flute
$15.00 US plus s/h
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COVENTRY CAROL - Digital Single by Cornell Kinderknecht
Cornell Kinderknecht, Coventry Carol
Coventry Carol, also known as Lully Lullay, is a traditional Christmas carol whose feel and style lends itself well to the Native American style flute. Allow the simple yet rich contemporary arrangement by Cornell Kinderknecht take you away in its beauty.

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HELICOID, A SUITE FOR MANKIND - Cornell Kinderknecht
Cornell Kinderknecht, Helicoid, A Suite for Mankind
Helicoid, A Suite for Mankind is a contemporary Classical work composed and recorded by Cornell Kinderknecht for modern dance.

This piece is distributed as a digital single. Listen to a sample and purchase from one of these sites:
Cornell Kinderknecht, Overture to the Ethers Overture to the Ethers: Soothing, soaring, haunting, whimsical... these are the sounds of Sound Oasis, whose magic springs from an apothecary of woodwinds, keyboard and drums. Cornell Kinderknecht, Martin McCall and Cynthia Stuart.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
$15.00 US plus s/h
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EQUILIBRIUM - Cornell Kinderknecht, Jodi Roberts, Bill Protzman
Cornell Kinderknecht, Equilibrium Equilibrium combines keyboards in a trance beat with Tibetan bowls providing soothing undertones, and world flutes for punctuation. The CD is perfect for dancing, movement, meditation, sound healing and energizing your body.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
$15.00 US plus s/h
ZIBA - Cornell Kinderknecht & Jodi Roberts, Flutes & Tibetan Bowls
Cornell Kinderknecht & Jodi Roberts, Ziba Ziba: Beauty and joy expressed through the music of Tibetan singing bowls and flutes. A meditative healing soundscape that touches the heart. Live Concert Recording in The Cave Without a Name, Boerne Texas.
Tracks / Audio samples (mp3):
Entering the Center Papago flute
Depths of Intention
Expectation (flute and bowl mix) Bansuri
Entering the Center Anasazi flute, Bansuri
Birds of the Cave Ocarinas
Kneel and Kiss the Ground
Mistress' Song Bansuri
Ziba Bansuri
Consciousness Awakens Duduk
Emerging from Roots Bansuri
$15.00 US plus s/h
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Native flute with choir
Live performance: "Desicion" composed by Debra Scroggins, performed by Cornell Kinderknecht (Native American flute) and the Texas Voices (Alan Dyer, artistic director and James Emery, piano)

Bansuri and voice
Live improvisation performed by Shashika Mooruth, voice, and Cornell Kinderknecht, bansuri flute.

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Into Stillness: Piano and Keyboard Improvisations for Heart and Mind by Cornell Kinderknecht

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