- Cornell Kinderknecht
Music as Spiritual Practice
Music As Spiritual Practice
with Cornell Kinderknecht & Shelly Niebuhr
Thursdays, October 14 - 28, 2010, 7:00-9:00pm
Location: Dallas Meditation Center
727 S. Floyd Rd, Richardson, TX 75080 (near 75 Central & Spring Valley)
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About this series:
Join musicians Cornell Kinderknecht and Shelly Niebuhr for a special three part series on Music As Spiritual Practice.

Music has been a vital component to the spiritual journey for thousands of years by virtually every culture and has a powerful ability to open our whole being. Through music, we can experience spiritual healing and a sense of deep belonging.

In nearly every spiritual tradition, sound, music, or vibration is the Supreme Source of all that is, of all that exits. Music connects us to something deeper, both inside and outside of ourselves.
In this series, we will explore:
♦ Live Music & Processing
♦ Music & Healing
♦ The Power of Entrainment
♦ Music as a Meditation Tool
This series will be an inspiration to music-lovers, musicians and all those devoted to "spiritual living."
Course fee: $80
* Includes all three classes and materials.
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Shelly Niebuhr Shelly Niebuhr has provided therapeutic and healing music to a wide variety of patients at medical institutions for nearly 10 years. Her work has been featured on two nationally syndicated television programs, "The Genesis of Healing" and "The Art of Living," and she recently finished a Healing Tibetan Chants CD with a Tibetan Dzogchen Master from Tibet. Shelly frequently facilitates and leads meditation retreats, along with teaching weekly meditation and yoga classes. Learn more about Shelly at
Published work includes:
♦ CD: "Believe"
♦ CD: "One Heart: Music for an Awakening World" multi-artist compilation
♦ CD: "Grace… Enhancing Recovery with Prayer, Meditation & Yoga," with Vicki Johnson (Distributed and sold by Hazeldon, largest distributor of recovery products in the world)
♦ CD: "Tell me Your Truth" w/Debbie Garner
♦ CD: "Higher Calling" w/Debbie Garner
♦ Written and recorded original music for independent film.

Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-nominated recording artist, performer, and teacher of historic and world flutes, including Native American flute, bansuri, and ocarina. He has twice been a finalist for Musician of the Year at the Texas Music Awards and he has been featured on the nationally syndicated television program "The Art of Living." By combining musical artistry with his training in meditation and relaxation techniques, he creates experiences that are heart-opening and transforming. Cornell is a frequent performer and presenter at music workshops and retreats throughout the U.S. Learn more about Cornell at
♦ "Nightfall"
♦ "Returning Home"
♦ "Equilibrium" w/Jodi Roberts and Bill Protzmann
♦ "Ziba" live recording in "Cave Without a Name" w/Jodi Roberts
♦ "One Heart: Music for an Awakening World" multi-artist compilation
♦ "The Sounds of Earth Rhythms" multi-artist compilation
♦ Cornell's playing can also be heard on numerous other artists' recordings.
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