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Online Class and Workshops with Cornell Kinderknecht
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of Cornell's
workshops and classes are being conducted online.

Online Lessons with Skype
Learn Native flute and other world flutes from Cornell over the Internet through Skype.
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Workshop/retreat calendar
International Native American Flute Association Convention 2012
July 18-22, 2012
Cornell Kinderknecht will present an afternoon concert, a Native Flute Player's Masterclass, and will teach private lessons on Native flute and bansuri.
University of Wisconsin
Eau Claire, WI
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Flute Haven
September 9-16, 2012
A musical adventure centered on music-making with the Native American Flute designed for players of any amount of experience who want to raise their playing and enjoyment of the instrument to a new level. Instructors include Clint Goss, Cornell Kinderknecht, Vera Shanov, Eric Miller, Lynn Miller and Ron Kravitz.
Phoenixville, PA
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United States Ocarina Festival
October 10-11, 2015
A weekend of events scheduled around this beautiful and historic instrument.
Watch for details at www.OcarinaAssociation.org
Native Flute Player's Workshop
February 13, 2016, 10:30am-2:30pm
Houston / Spring, TX
Cornell Kinderknecht will present a workshop and masterclass. Hosted by the Spring Cypress Native American Flute Circle. A world flutes concert with Cornell.
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Palo Pinto Art, Flute & Music Festival
May 18-19, 2019
Palo Pinto, TX
Cornell Kinderknecht will be a main stage performer a workshop presenter.
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Pacific Northwest Flute Gathering
October 1-4, 2020
Vashon Island, Puget Sound, WA
Leadership team includes Cornell Kinderknecht, Pam Mortensen, Joe Young and Timothy JP Gomez.
NOTE: This retreat will be offered online through Zoom in 2020. www.VashonFlute.com
Zion Canyon Native Flute School
March 6 - 11, 2021
Springdale, UT
Cornell Kinderknecht will teach the advanced flute track.
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Private Lesssons

Learn from Cornell Kinderknecht individually in a setting that focuses on your musical goals. This is a rich experience tailor-made for you. Skill-building and artistic expression are brought forward as your inner musician blossoms and flourishes.

Cornell has a studio of private students in Dallas, Texas. In addition to "full-time" students, he teaches "one-off" or occasional lessons to flute players as they are traveling through. He also travels, giving lessons on the road (e.g. a day of individual lessons for members of a flute circle).

Contact Cornell about taking lessons.

Native Flute classes in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Level 1: Finding the Voice Within
Find the music and the joy within yourself through the Native American style flute. Go from the basics to creating your own music in this interactive class. No previous musical experience is required.
Next class:
Tuesdays, January 28 - February 18, 2020
Plano, Texas
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(expected Spring 2021)
NOTE: An online version of this class called "Getting Started with Native Flute" will be offered July-August 2020.
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Level 2: Finding Your Song
Continue your musical exploration with the Native American style flute. Fine-tune your skills and experience the true joy of making music. The follow up class to "Finding the Voice Within." Also open to students who have some basic experience with the Native flute.
Next class:
Tuesdays: March 17 - April 7, 2020
North Dallas / Richardson, Texas
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(expected Summer 2021)
NOTE: An online version of this class called "Getting Started with Native Flute" will be offered September 2020.
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Native Flute Player's Workshop
An interactive class to work both individually and as a group, improving sound and musicality while developing technique and creativity. Open to students who've taken earlier levels of this series OR have intermediate to advanced experience with the Native flute.
Next class:
Tuesdays, June 25 - July 30, 2019
Plano, Texas
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Next class ONLINE:
Saturdays, January 23 - February 27, 2021
2:00-3:30pm CST
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Expanding Possibilities
Use extended range and effects of the Native American style flute; discover alternate scales on the standard 6-hole flute; explore creative approaches to composition and improvisation. Open to students who've taken levels 1 and 2 of this series OR who have intermediate to advanced experience with the Native flute.
Next class:
Thursdays, January 16 - February 6, 2014, 7:30-9:30pm
Richardson, Texas
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Next class ONLINE:
Tuesdays, January 26 - February 16, 2021
7:30-9:00pm CST
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Developing Musical Style
Expand your playing skills on Native American style flute and find your own musical style. Use extended technique and breath to develop a rich sound. Open to students who've taken levels 1 and 2 of this series OR who have intermediate to advanced experience with the Native flute.
Next class:
Tuesdays, Jan 23 - Feb 20, 2017, 7:30-9:00pm
Plano, Texas
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Below is a sampling of Cornell Kinderknecht's music workshops. Classes are tailored to the needs of the students. Cornell encourages learning through exploration and experimentation, expressing artistically while building skills and nourishing the joy of making music. Contact Cornell to request a workshop.

Flute Player's Masterclass
Cornell's flute player's masterclass is a workshop favorite. Students who are interested in playing for the class are encouraged to present short prepared pieces that they would like help to develop or fine-tune. We'll work on constructive ways to extend technique and look at how to get the most out of our music through phrasing, breath control, and other tools. This workshop is highly interactive and is very educational to those who are playing for the class and to those who are observing. There is no requirement to play for the class. Open discussion is encouraged. With his expertise, Cornell gives practical hands-on learning opportunity while his light-hearted approach puts students at ease.
October 3-6, 2013
Pacific Northwest Native American Flute Gathering, Vashon Island, WA

Workshop: Improving your playing artfully, skillfully, and joyfully
In this workshop, Cornell will help you develop your playing skills and love of music through practical examples that are useful whether you are playing for yourself at home or performing on the concert stage. Break through barriers by creating exercises tailored for you. Nurture the fun and joy of playing the flute. We'll explore the aspects of technique, flexible sound quality, and playing confidently.

Improvisation Workshop
I know I can do anything I want, but where do I start? Learn some basic skills including free-form improvisation, working with rhythmic and melodic patterns, and harmonic structures.

Alternate scales for the Native American flute
Explore several scales that are possible with the standard pentatonic 6-hole "mode 1 / mode 4" Native American flute. We'll learn the NAF modes, western major and minor scales, eastern scales, ancient church modes, blues scales, and others.

Ornamentation on Native American Flute: How, What, When
Learn various types of ornaments/embellishments that are used in NAF playing and learn possible ways that they are done. Compare ornaments idiomatic to NAF with those that are used in classical music. Explore how different ornaments can evoke different moods in a piece of music. Look at how ornamentation can be applied effectively in a musical line. In class, members will be encouraged to try various ornaments. We'll look at a simple line of music and go through different ways it could be ornamented.

Mindful Fluting
(a.k.a. Zen Flute) Focus on your playing as a mindful activity, using music as a means for meditation, relaxation and personal growth, while at the same time growing musically and nurturing your ability to express emotion through your music. Rather than being a class on "how to" play flute, it is instead a way to develop your personal relationship with your music, your body and your psyche. All flute types are welcome (Native flute, bansuri, rim blown, side blown, end blown, etc.). Bring any medium to low key flute that is comfortable for you to play that speaks to your heart and core self.

Fresh Approaches: Take your NAF playing to new levels
Move forward in your playing skills. Add new ideas to your songs and improvisations. Bring sparkle, shine and feeling to your performances. Get through that "I always play the same thing" block. Through interactive examples and participation, we'll look at ways to find fresh material in our flute playing and bring out our musical expression. This workshop is suitable to players of all levels.

Learning the bansuri or other transverse flute
This workshop focuses mainly on the bansuri flute from India but is also applicable for other transverse/cross-blown flutes. We'll explore the traditional uses of the bansuri as well as how to incorporate it with western instruments and the Native flute. We'll work on sound production, tone quality, and techniques to develop playing skills and breath control. This class is especially useful for those who play the Native flute and would like to develop skills on bansuri and other transverse flutes.

The Art of Performance: Planning, Preparation and Presentation
Discuss the aspects that go into preparing and presenting for a performance, whether it be a full concert, a song or two at a church, a special appearance, or playing for family. We'll cover
Planning: selection of music and flutes, program creation, rehearsing;
Preparation: practice tips, managing time and tasks, focus and centering, letting nerves work for you;
Presentation: stage presence, timing, connecting with the audience, playing from the heart.

The Art of Melody
Learn techniques for composing interesting melodic lines. Explore structural and creative approaches to speaking the musical language. We'll look at melodic motifs and common ways to develop and expand them. We'll study different styles of song forms. Students walk through the process of taking their melodic ideas and turning them into complete songs.

Those Other Instruments
Do you have that interesting flute that just sits on the shelf? Bring your ocarinas, drone flutes, dizis, duduks, wizbangs, watchamacallits, and anything else that you just knew you couldn't live without. We'll look at how to approach other fingering systems and how to effectively use these unique instruments in your repertoire.
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