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Online Native American Style Flute Lessons
through ZOOM or SKYPE with Cornell Kinderknecht
(NOTE: Lessons also available on Anasazi/Hopi flute, recorder, bansuri and ocarina)

Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning World Flutes performing and recording artist as well as a teacher located in Dallas, Texas USA, where he teaches group classes in Native flute and has a studio of private world flutes students, including many students through Zoom and Skype from around the world. His skill and expertise combined with his easy-going approach make him in high demand as a presenter at workshops and festivals.

Cornell's teaching credits include:
  • Zion Canyon Native Flute School
  • Pacific Northwest Flute Gathering (a.k.a. Vashon Island Flute Gathering)
  • World Flute Society Convention
  • International Native American and World Flutes Convention
  • Flute Haven Native Flute School
  • Zion Flute Festival
  • Potomac Native American Flute Festival
  • Native American Flute Chautauqua
  • Armadillo Flute Retreat
  • Sweetgrass Flute School
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Whether you have just gotten your first Native flute and haven't played a note, or you've been playing for some time and are looking to improve technique, or you are a seasoned professional, looking for inspiration and guidance in your music, private lessons with a highly respected teacher and performer of Native and world flutes is just as far away as your computer.

No matter your level of playing, helping others find life-long joy in creating music is Cornell's main goal. Lessons are tailored individually for your own aspirations, goals and needs. Cornell's easy-going style creates a comfortable environment, working at a speed that feels right to you.

Cornell Kinderknecht - Roundabout

Cornell Kinderknecht - Monologue

Cornell Kinderknecht - Canyon Sunrise

In addition to standard pentatonic Native flute, Cornell teaches other Native flutes including the rim-blown flutes (e.g. "Anasazi" and "Hopi" style) as well as other world flutes.

We can cover many aspects of flute playing and music creation, including:

  • Technique and tonal quality
  • Basic Native flute scale and alternate scales
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Musical expression
  • Rim-blown Native flutes
    (e.g. "Anasazi / Hopi")

Lessons are scheduled for a time and date that is convenient for both you and Cornell. How frequently you have lessons is up to you. Possibilities are:

  • Recurring schedule (i.e. weekly, every other week, etc.)
  • Every once in a while as desired
  • A single lesson (e.g. to learn a new flute, get some ideas for your playing, finding new skills and techniques)
Contact Cornell now to schedule lessons.

What do you need for music lessons over Zoom or Skype?
  • A computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers.
    While any speakers or microphone that work with your computer will be OK, ideally, using headphones during a lesson is helpful to control cross-talk and "cutting out". (Cornell uses a USB headset that combines headphones and microphone.)
  • Zoom or Skype loaded on your computer.
  • Lighting in the room should be from in front of you so that your face and fingers are well-lit.
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