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Description of some of the instruments played by Cornell Kinderknecht in a performance:

Native American Flute - An end-blown flute indigenous to America. The plains style flute usually has 5 or 6 finger holes and design ranges from sleek and simple to very ornate. Some of the makers whose flutes Cornell plays are Butch Hall, Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman), Patricia Partridge, Helio Portales, Russ Wolf, and Larry Evans (Mockingbird Flutes).

Transverse Bamboo Flute - Bamboo is an excellent material for flute making. This is evident from the sheer number of ethnic flutes made of bamboo. A quick web search for bamboo flute will yeild numerous makers and styles of flutes. Some of the finer transverse bamboo flutes that Cornell uses are 6- and 7- hole flutes made by Romy Benton and 6-hole flutes made by Patrick Olwell.

North Indian Bansuri Flute - A 6- or 7-hole side-blown bamboo flute. The bansuri is one of the oldest musical instruments of India. The modern North Indian bansuri is a longer, deeper-pitched instrument popularized in the 20th century by Pandit Pannalal Ghosh.

Recorder - A well-known end-blown flute that originated around 1400 A.D. During the Renaissance period, instrument makers produced choirs of recorders in many different sizes. By the late 17th century, the instrument had become highly refined, used as a solo and orchestral instrument. Modern times have seen a revival of this instrument. Other names for the recorder are Blockflute, Flauto dolce, Flute a bec, and Flauta de pico. Cornell's recorders include handmade instruments by Jean Luc Boudreau and Friedrich Von Huene.

Ocarina - The ocarina, or vessel flute, first appeared around 10,000 years ago. Evidence of this type of flute can be found in almost all cultures of the world. Traditionally ocarinas are made from clay, gourds, seedpods, or bones. Ocarinas may also be carved from wood and can have from 4 to 10 finger holes. Ocarinas that Cornell plays include those made by North Country Workshop, Anita Feng, and K. Dunster.

Oboe - A modern double-reed orchestral instrument. It evolved from the shawm and was invented in the 17th century. Its characteristic sound is sweet and haunting. Cornell's oboe is made by Marigaux.

English Horn - A double-reed relative to the oboe. Pitched lower than the oboe, the English Horn produces a beautiful rich and expressive tone.

Chinese Dizi - A traditional Chinese 6-hole, side-blown bamboo flute. Its characteristic bright sound is the result of a vibrating membrane located between the mouth hole and the first finger hole.

Cornell's Recordings:
Cornell Kinderknecht, Nightfall CD
Nightfall (2008)
Cornell Kinderknecht, Returning Home CD
Returning Home (2005)
Cornell Kinderknecht & Jodi Roberts, Ziba CD
Ziba (2008)
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