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Awakening Heart
An interfaith ministry directed by Brother ChiSing in the "Unified Buddhist" tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, teaching mindfulness and meditation.
URL: http://www.AwakeningHeart.org

Julie Bonk
Fabulous blues and jazz pianist. Music teacher to Nora Jones, Scott Hoying and so many others.
URL: http://www.JulieBonk.com/

Brandi Cooper Studio
Designer and maker of many items including custom protective bags for Native flutes.
URL: https://www.facebook.com/BrandiCooperStudio

Brother ChiSing
Facilitator, ritual artist, and ordained disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.
URL: http://www.BrotherChiSing.com

Buffalo Moon Flutes
Unique flutes with Native American tunings handcrafted by Keith Glowka.
URL: http://www.buffalomoonflutes.com

Butch Hall Flutes
Home of the world renowned Butch Hall flutes.
URL: http://www.butchhallflutes.com/

Cascadia Flute Circle
A wonderful community, located in the Pacific Northwest, of flute players and other musicians, including guitarists and percussionists, who share a passion for the Native American Flute. The website is an excellent resource for all things and events related to Native flute.
URL: http://www.CascadiaFluteCircle.org

DFW International Community Alliance
The portal to international North Texas. A network of over 1,600 North Texas internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations.
URL: http://www.dfwinternational.org

Dallas Meditation Center
Interfaith meditation center in Richardson, Texas, home to meditation, yoga, classes, workshops and concerts.
URL: http://www.DallasMeditationCenter.com

Dallas Recorder Society
Affiliated with the American Recorder Society and is open to players of all skill levels.
URL: http://www.DallasRecorderSociety.org

The Flute Case Store
Handy, sturdy, and affordable flute cases.
URL: http://www.flutecase.com/

The Flute Portal
Your doorway into the world of the Native American Flute and other ethnic and world flutes.
URL: http://www.FlutePortal.com

Flute Tree Foundation
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that openly supports the Native and North American Flute community with all its diversity.
URL: http://www.flutetree.org

Eric Folkerth
A great singer, song-writer, and guitar player. His website is excellent. The blog well worth reading.
URL: http://www.ericfolkerth.com

Randy Granger
New Mexico multi-instrumentalist in "Southwest World" style. Frequent collaborator with Cornell Kinderknecht.
URL: http://www.RandyGranger.net

Heart of the Cedar Native American Flute Circle
Flute circle in Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.
URL: https://www.facebook.com/DFWHeartOfTheCedarFluteCircle

The Hob Nob
Great North Texas music blog spot hosted by excellent percussionist and grand dude Billy Bucher.
URL: http://www.bloggard.com/hobnob/

Impending Bloom
Eclectic exciting world music ensemble founded by Craig Shropshire. Craig Shropshire - claypot drums, percussion; Martin McCall - doumbek, kanjira, all things drum; Cornell Kinderknecht - bansuri flute, duduk, bamboo flutes, other world flutes; Don Vitsentzos - guitar, esraj, sitar.
URL: http://www.ImpendingBloom.net

Jean-Luc Boudreau
Fine hand-made recorders.
URL: http://www.boudreau-flutes.ca/

Martin McCall
Drummer / percussioninst par excellance.
URL: http://www.MartinMcCall.com/

Mockingbird Flutes
Friend, excellent craftsman and flute maker, Larry Evans of Euless, Texas.
URL: http://www.mockingbirdflutes.com

Moonlady - Amy Martin
Amy Martin - Laughing, learning and exploring our world.
URL: http://www.moonlady.com

The place for music from Texas.
URL: http://www.MyTexasMusic.com

Shelly Niebuhr
Singer/songwriter Shelly Niebuhr.
URL: http://www.shellyn.com/

North Country Workshop
Makers of great wooden double ocarinas.
URL: http://www.doubleocarina.com

One World Flutes
Professional North Indian Bansuri flutes.
URL: http://www.oneworldflutes.com

Peter Phippen
A friend and one of the most expressive flute players that I know.
URL: http://www.PeterPhippen.com/

Recorder Home Page
Links to articles, lists, catalogues and databases concerning all aspects of the recorder worldwide.
URL: http://www.RecorderHomePage.net

Jodi Roberts
Sound Healing Catalyst for Transformation. Ceremonial Concert Musician. Recording Artist. Inspiring the Sacred by Creating Beauty.
URL: http://www.SacredInspiration.com

A Season for Nonviolence - 64 Days Practice
An international movement promoting a culture of peace through education, special events, and media. Inspired by the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
URL: http://www.agnt.org/season-for-nonviolence

Sound Oasis Trio
Music that feeds the soul - mixing world music with jazz with new age with pop with a bit of humor thrown in. Members are Cornell Kinderknecht, Martin McCall and Cynthia Stuart.
URL: http://www.SoundOasisTrio.com

Spirit of the Woods Flutes
Website of Ed Hrebec, maker of fine handcrafted Native American Flutes.
URL: http://www.spiritofthewoodsflutes.com

Spring Cypress Native American Flute Circle
A flute circle that meets monthly in Spring, Texas near Houston.
URL: http://www.springcypressflutecircle.com

Texas Music Awards
Home of the annual Texas Music Awards, sanctioned by the Academy of Texas Music.
URL: http://www.texasmusicawards.org

Early music organizations and events in Texas.
URL: http://www.texasearlymusic.com/

Veronica Valles
Poet, photographer, and much more extrodinaire.
URL: http://www.VeronicaValles.com

View From A Canary Perch
Diana Souza's communication for all of us.
URL: http://www.canaryperch.com

von Huene Workshop
Fine hand-made recorders.
URL: http://www.vonhuene.com/

The Wireless Consort Recorder Quartet
The Wireless Consort is a recorder quartet based in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area specializing in recorder music from the 16th Century to the present day.
URL: http://www.texasearlymusic.com/wc

Joseph L. Young
Boise, Idaho Native American flute player, saxophonist, percussionist. Frequent collaborator with Cornell Kinderknecht.
URL: http://www.JosephLYoung.com

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