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Cornell Kinderknecht - Nightfall - CD Release Concert - Dallas, Texas
Cornell Kinderknecht presents

CD Release Concert
A concert featuring the release of Cornell Kinderknecht's
contemporary instrumental CD, Nightfall,
featuring flutes in beautiful arrangements that
touch the heart and soul.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 - 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00)
Center for Spiritual Living
International Place, 4801 Spring Valley Rd., Suite 115
Dallas, TX 75244

Cornell Kinderknecht: flutes, composition
Cynthia Stuart: piano, keyboard
Billy Bucher: drums, percussion
Frank Lunsford: percussion
Jodi Roberts: bells & bowls
Paul Simonsen: bass

Music: Robin Hackett
Poetry: Br. ChiSing

Host: Veronica Valles
Nightfall CDs go on sale the night of July 26, 2008!
(Click here to order)


While the address for Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) is on Spring Valley Rd, it is actually just north of Spring Valley on a small street called International Pkwy in a business park. Click here for a map and directions at the CSL website

Map showing the location of CSL:

Map to Center for Spiritual Living - Dallas

Driving instructions:

  1. From the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and Spring Valley Road, go west past Inwood Road.
  2. Continue across the train tracks.
  3. Take the next right and go north on International Parkway
  4. When the road bends to the right, look for the entrance way shown in the picture below.
  5. Go into the driveway and locate the red awning that says "Center for Spiritual Living" located in the Northwest Corner of the parking lot.
Entrance to the parking lot looks like this

Awning looks like this

Using other Maps:

If you use Google Maps or other Internet maps, the marker for CSL's address may not be exactly where CSL is. Use the map above or visit CSL's website to find the exact location.

If you use MAPSCO, we are on page 14, on the border between areas G and L.

Note: International Parkway is called Arborview on some maps.

For those who use GPS systems, you can use these coordinates to find CSL:
     Long: W 96° 49' 39.99"
     Lat: N 32° 56' 29.31"

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